Want to be a truly great educator? Think small…

I am an education nerd. My wife and probably many who work with me don’t understand why I would spend an evening on Twitter or Voxer talking education with peers around the country. I am there to connect with the best of the best. I have come into contact with many big ideas for the first time.

Hearing the incredible things others are doing that I can bring back to my school is definitely exciting and invigorating, but none of the big ideas I’ve come in contact since being introduced to social media in education a couple of years ago are what truly make a great educator.

As I’ve reflected in the first month of this new year on what makes an educator truly great, it isn’t the big ideas or lofty goals that have made some of my teachers special.

The things that truly make an educator great are the thousands of small things every day that seem so inconsequential, but when added all together, make up those who are true giants in the profession.

A simple smile.

A friendly greeting at the door.

A shared laugh with a colleague.

A short playful moment.

A few moments to listen.

As I continue to strive to learn and grow in this new year, I’ve decided to redouble my efforts on the little things…

I’m going to recess and playing every day. I’m doing my best to be in the hallway at the beginning and end of each day to give a friendly smile and greeting or goodbye. I’m having more conversations with students and colleagues just to ask how they are doing and how things are in their lives.

How are you growing this new year?

Consider thinking small… 🙂


One thought on “Want to be a truly great educator? Think small…

  1. Mary Beth

    I’ve started my ELL endorsement. I hope to help ELL kids, but moreover, to be able to better differentiate for my struggling learners.


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