Saying Goodbye: It will always be more than a job

I recently accepted a new position to be the principal of a 4th and 5th grade building in my adopted hometown ending my time at my first principalship at two wonderful years packed with learning.   I am excited about the new opportunity professionally and grateful for what it will be able to provide for my family, but I woke up this morning with a decidedly heavy heart.  Although I was only at my old position for two years, the teachers, students, and families there took up and will continue to take up a special place in my heart.  What many outside of education don’t understand is that education will never be just a job to those who love it.  It is part of the core of who we are.  Much of our time is spent at school and much of our time outside of school is spent thinking and learning about how to give the very best to each student.  Your kids will always be yours, but when they walk through our school doors, they are our kids too.  We bandage their scrapes (both physical and emotional), cheer for them, laugh with them, shed tears with them, pray for them, and share our very selves with them.  Being an educator can’t be shut off when we exit the school doors (many who’ve felt the familiar urge I was feeling yesterday to discipline random kids at Walmart will know what I’m talking about). 🙂  When someone walks into our school or classroom and is critical or negative, it strikes at the level of our very identity.  We are educators.  I am proud to have been blessed to work with some great ones these past two years.


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