My summer book report: PIE by Sarah Weeks

ImageIn the mood for a delicious read?  “Pie” by Sarah Weeks is a 2014 Bluestem nominee (Illinois Reader Choice award for grades 3-5).  My two girls (ages 7/9)  and I just finished it and loved it!  It really had it all.  Mystery, humor, friendship, the difficulties in growing up, and enough delicious pie to make any mouth water.

This is the first book we’ve read by Sarah Weeks, but after this book, we are hoping to discover some other great reads.  It was a very unique and entertaining book unlike anything we have read together before.  I especially like this book because homemade pies were a big part of my childhood.  Although I am not a baker myself, my mom and aunts would make incredible homemade pies every Thanksgiving and they were always the star of the meal.  One Thanksgiving, we had so many pies, there were as many pies as people at our family gathering!  As we read this book, I told my girls when we finished the book, we could try to make one of the pie recipes featured at the beginning of each chapter.  It was delicious and a great way to make the book come even more alive!  I highly recommend PIE by Sarah Weeks and the chocolate cream pie.  My daughters and I made everything from scratch.  My wife even whipped cream to put on top.  Not bad for a first time baker!



3 thoughts on “My summer book report: PIE by Sarah Weeks

  1. Benjamin Coolice

    Hi Jsagel,
    Thanks you for your post, For my summer book report I have to introduce the book, the title and author. How can I do that without making it sound childish and immature. Is there any other way then using this:
    The book _______ is written by _________.
    That sounds horrible, can anyone come up with different ways? I’m reading the book Drums, Girls and Dangerous Pie. Can I start with a question, if so what question?

    1. jsagel Post author

      Hard to say… I’d say it depends your audience. I wanted to start writing some book reviews on my blog and although I am sharing them with other educators, I plan to share them with students when school starts again. I think the best way to write is to read and write a lot. Sorry if that doesn’t answer your question.


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