Every Day is a Gift

We recently received some tough news.  One of our teachers received bad news about her health and is not going to be able to return to school for several weeks.  We are a small school with approximately 20 teachers, so we feel her absence all the more.  I’ve been continually thinking of her and her family and praying for them as I know just how badly she wants to be at school with her students.  Even as she prepared for surgery, she continued to worry for her students and wanted to make sure they would be cared for in her absence.  If students were made successful through sheer willpower and caring, her students would be the most successful students in the entire world. 🙂  Her example has continually been an inspiration to me as she fought all year to be at school with her students.  She is a powerful reminder of the incredible importance of our profession and the gratitude we should bring to our schools every day.

Especially at this time of year, it is easy to start to get annoyed with the little things that happen day to day.  The same behavior that we were able to show patience with in February may seem intolerable by April.  When we start to feel like we are at our wits’ end, gratitude is the key.  We work in an incredibly fun and rewarding profession and the opportunities we have today to enjoy our students and the great blessing that is teaching may be gone tomorrow.  Be grateful every day!  Every day is a gift to us and to our students.   

What do enjoy about being an educator?  What are you grateful for?


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